Epic Games is celebrating the holidays with 15 days of free games

Epic Games is celebrating the holidays with 15 days of free games

Over the last couple of years, Epic Games has leveraged its Fortnite popularity and offered free games to PC gamers every couple of weeks in an attempt to bring more users to the platform. And the massive game store is stepping it up this holiday season with 15 days of free games from December 16 to December 30.


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That’s right, the platform is giving away a free game every day from now until the end of December. All of these games will only be free for one day, so you’ll want to make sure that you log in to your Epic account once a day to see what free game is on offer.

The promotion has already started, with the martial arts action game Shenmue 3 becoming available for free yesterday. If you hurry, you still might have a chance to snag this game, but it looks like the store is set to shift to a new, unknown free game at 11 AM EST.

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In case the 15 days of free games aren’t enough, there’s also a pretty impressive sale going on across the entire Epic Games store. The sale features more than 1,300 games and add-ons on sale from 10%-95% off.

Oh, that sale isn’t enough either? Well, there’s more. In an absolutely epic move (pun intended), Epic Games is offering a $10 coupon for every purchase of a game that comes out to $14.99 or more. Yes, every game.


Epic Games will automatically apply a $10 discount to every game that costs $14.99 or more from now until January 6. That means if you purchase five different games at one time that each cost more than $14.99, you will get an extra $50 discount!

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This discount applies to every game on the Epic Games store, even if they are already on sale. And there’s no limit on how many discounts you can get during the sale. If you were looking for an opportunity to boost your game library, be sure to check out Epic Games every day for the next couple of weeks. You can capitalize on all of those free games, as well as pick up some other titles at ridiculous discounts.