Call of Duty gives players a God mode shield to troll cheaters

Call of Duty gives players a God mode shield to troll cheaters

Gamers get an computerized injury defend when combating cheaters, making the cheater’s bullets ineffective.


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In aggressive multiplayer video games like Name of Obligation Warzone, cheaters are in all probability probably the most irritating impediment you’ll run into. However, Name of Obligation’s new god mode characteristic offers common avid gamers a aggressive edge towards cheaters.

Because of a current replace to Name of Obligation’s RICOCHET anti-cheat system, avid gamers that run right into a cheater within the sport will probably be outfitted with a strong injury defend. The defend is barely efficient towards the cheater, rendering the hacker’s bullets fully ineffective.

Try this video from streamer TimTheTatman to see the brand new characteristic in motion. The clip begins on the 1:35 mark. Within the video, you may watch Tim completely destroy a hacker due to Name of Obligation’s new god mode defend.

The cheater can nonetheless use issues like wallhacks to see by way of buildings or aim-bots to make their gun completely correct. However they’ll be ineffective since their bullets don’t do any injury. And that may result in hilarity, as a cheater unloads on you with ineffective bullets.

Name of Obligation Warzone has had a troubled previous with cheaters. Over the course of 2021, the sport was riddled with so many cheaters that content material creators had begun abandoning the favored battle royale.

However with the addition of the RICOCHET anti-cheat and this new god mode characteristic, avid gamers are beginning to take pleasure in Name of Obligation Warzone once more. There’s nothing higher than destroying a cheater in video games like this.

Name of Obligation’s new god mode characteristic is likely to be the best assault on online game cheaters since ScriptKid created a bunch of faux hacks to troll cheaters in CS: GO.