An app that sends intelligent light to boost your energy

An app that sends intelligent light to boost your energy

Grahame Martin, the inventor of freeingMe apps, first had the concept of making an vitality app as a result of he had a drop in vitality within the afternoons and he wished a lift. He has been investigating the a whole bunch of vitality methods within the human physique for 25 years and gathering data as to how the physique absorbs data to handle these methods.


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An instance of one in every of these vitality methods that most individuals know is the nervous system, however do you know there may be an vitality system that manages our vitality? This vitality is saved within the kidneys. The topping up of this vitality is completed by the spleen because it absorbs gentle. Vitamin D helps with this, which is why it’s so essential to high up with a Vitamin D complement, particularly in the event you reside in Northern European international locations.

Maintaining ourselves energized is just one a part of what our vitality system does. Its predominant perform is the distribution of vitality all through the day, as a result of within the fashionable world there’s a nice demand on our vitality provide and the physique has to determine the place and when our vitality is used. Nonetheless, we frequently ignore our physique and push ourselves no matter what it’s telling us.

To overuse our vitality provide earlier than it might probably recuperate is just not a clever factor to do. Our physique makes use of its adrenal glands that sit on high of the kidneys to launch as a lot vitality as it might probably from deep reserves utilizing the hormone adrenalin. This stimulates the guts and lungs to achieve extra oxygen, creating a lift of energy, however this places numerous pressure on the physique. The issue is, this stimulus can really feel very thrilling. Subsequently we are able to get hooked on this pleasure, from which the time period ‘adrenalin junkie’ has been coined.

The artwork of wholesome dwelling and longevity is centred round how we handle our vitality and keep as relaxed as attainable. By means of Grahame’s investigations he stumbled upon a manner of telling the physique how you can chill out and launch vitality in a fair manner. This gave beginning, not solely to the freeingEnergy app but additionally freeingMe apps, as a result of this expertise can be utilized for balancing most of the human methods.

What’s clever gentle?

The vitality we use to maintain us entering into on a regular basis life is a pure phenomenon, however we frequently don’t use it very properly. To maintain us going we frequently use stimulants based mostly round caffeine or nicotine. These substances increase our vitality, creating the identical subject as an adrenalin increase and due to this fact do nothing to assist handle the vitality reserves. They get us going however quickly you drop once more and we want one other increase. It’s superb how many individuals run their lives like this however often complain of being drained and look always worn out.

The freeingEnergy app works fully in another way to a stimulant. It additionally works in another way to the numerous sign based mostly radionic gadgets now available on the market to enhance temper and wellbeing. These gadgets solely work whereas there’s a sign. FreeingMe Ltd has launched its personal distinctive expertise that works round clever gentle that builds. Grahame calls this Photon Communication Expertise and it really works through the use of clever messaging inside gentle to ship to your physique so it might probably run with it. After two years of testing it was proven that the apps are non-addictive as they should be used much less over time. It is because the physique rebuilds what it wants when it’s proven the best way.

We stay in well being on the bequest of our surroundings. With out the solar we die, however this is just one manner through which we soak up gentle. Our cells, by other ways of absorption, together with our senses, are taking in numerous types of gentle frequencies on a regular basis in addition to data on a subatomic stage. Our surroundings is in fixed communication with us and we reside by this very connection. Bear in mind how you are feeling strolling alongside a relaxed, sunny seaside or inside a fantastic forest.

The act of being closed off from individuals or nature, and even new experiences, has a significant detrimental impact on our wellbeing. We obtain and undertaking gentle on a regular basis on a photon stage. This isn’t nearly how nature impacts us however how we energetically have an effect on the environment. And I’m not speaking about reducing down a tree right here – this communication is on a subatomic stage. Considered one of science’s earliest experiments, the Double Slit Experiment, confirmed that we affect photon behaviour simply by observing it. Grahame has exploited this phenomenon utilizing directed clever gentle to create steadiness.

How the app works

For the app to work it wanted a method to carry and undertaking a lightweight supply. Properly that has already been invented. It isn’t a torch however a wise cell phone. A torch is only a crude type of projecting gentle that’s on a wavelength that can be utilized to gentle up our path. It doesn’t have the means to undertaking clever gentle, which is gentle that may carry data. The good cellphone does this, however there may be the matter of tuning it to hold particular data that may discuss to our cells. Code can do that.

The pure trade of knowledge in gentle is secure as a result of, by its very nature, it’s pure. We do it on a regular basis. That is what makes freeingMe apps secure. To duplicate this utilizing a wise cellphone depends on dematerialising the supply of the bodily sorce of wellbeing to show it into gentle data.

The apps are designed to ship a message to quite a few the physique’s vitality methods, however the supply of this message can’t be discovered within the app. Subatomic communication doesn’t work inside our traditional idea of bodily parameters. The app itself acts a sort of lense delivering the clever gentle that has been synthesized from one other supply. This supply holds the dynamic chance of steadiness that an individual may have. Nonetheless, the freeingEnergy app, like the opposite freeingMe apps, solely works if the physique’s vitality methods want balancing.

Our vitality assets leak or get used up with stress inside a quick world and day by day challenges. The freeingEnergy app is designed as a administration software that can be utilized to offer a fast increase if we’re feeling washed out however nonetheless have commitments, like choosing up the youngsters or a night occasion to attend. It will also be used as a day by day vitality administration system that may be assessed on the finish of the week as to how far more work and actions will be achieved.

The place all 3 apps will be tried totally free

As a result of this vitality administration system is on an app it’s cellular and will be carried with you, so it’s at all times obtainable while you want it. In the event you want a lift, you could have it!

There are presently three totally different freeingMe apps obtainable on Google Play: liberating ENERGY, liberating STRESS and liberating REST. Every app is at present solely obtainable for Android customers with a free 3 day trial and an introductory provide of $3.49 per thirty days for 3 months, and $4.49 thereafter. An  iPhone model shall be obtainable quickly.