6 Useful Marketing Techniques for Promoting Mobile Games for 2022

6 Useful Marketing Techniques for Promoting Mobile Games for 2022

Structuring and building up a mobile game isn’t sufficient. You need a marketing strategy set up that will enable you to drive your item to as substantial of an audience as could be expected under the circumstances. While this may sound overwhelming, particularly if you’re on your first application or mobile game, there are a lot of financially savvy arrangements and techniques that will help you adequately promote your mobile game.


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As a Mobile Game developer below are the top ways you can promote your casual mobile game.

1 Get YouTubers to get your game

YouTube is a standout amongst the most vital tools you’ll ever use for promotion. Its allure is extraordinary: It has the most stretched outreach among the visual platform suppliers, and it has pretty much every sort of influencer.

There are several Good channels for Mobile Gaming. Get YouTubers to play and test your mobile game. Have them talk about it on their channels. That way, you influence their endorser base to construct excitement about your game.

You may not think that its simple to get PewDiePie (otherwise known as Felix Kjellberg) or JackSepticEye, to play and review your game, but there are such vast numbers of medium-sized, and various little measured YouTube channels you can pitch to. Here are how you pitch to them:

Research and discover the channels that you wish would promote your game. Don’t simply pass by the number of supporters, likewise observe the number of perspectives to understand commitment. You realize how we’ve bought in to like 40+ channels but observe just 4 or 5, best case scenario.

Set up some stunning videos with the gameplay. You know your game best, so it bodes well that you set up the video and present it how you need. Try not to compromise here.

Shoot a short but elegantly composed email to the channel. Attempt the semi-restrictive way, where you share specific videos with just a couple of channels. Clarify how they would profit via conveying your video. Except if you’re Supercell or Rovio, don’t anticipate that all avenues should carry the promotion.

2 Soft launch your game

Soft launch, the launching of your game to a predetermined number of gamers, has a few focal points.

For the most part, a soft launch allows you to understand what the predetermined number of individuals need to state about your game. This will give you some sign on what are the highlights individuals like. As such, soft launch gives you a chance to measure the acceptance of the game.

When they genuinely like the game, these gamers will spread the game and can be your off-site promotion team.

Numerous organizations attempt the hyper-local course. They welcome the local gaming network over and let them play the game in the company premises and record their reactions.

Here is a well-ordered manual for soft-launch your mobile game:

Direct statistical surveying. Statistical surveying causes you better get ready for the difficulties ahead and plan your resources accordingly. It can likewise enable you to all the more likely understand your target audience.

Test the topic. While promoting it over different advanced platforms, test utilizing in any event titles or names. Break down how your target clients reacted to every one of the claims.

Refine your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Characterize what you are endeavoring to accomplish. Look for master exhortation. Concentrate the market and after that focus in on your objectives.

Learn. Apply. Rehash. Have a dynamic strategy. Ensure you gain from you connected and feed it back to the circle. Measure outcomes and make changes. Continue ad libbing.

3 Press Release

Composing a press release for a mobile game is something that falls between extraordinary self-promotion and dry descriptions. Both of the two can put off perusers.

Here are the five most critical things you would need to remember while composing a press release.

Structure of the press release appropriately. Utilize a remarkable feature, give the correct subtleties, incorporate statements from specialists, target customers and your CEO and afterward end with contact subtleties for somebody who’d like to know more..

Open great. Think about the initial two explanations as your elevator pitch. It’s vital to snare the perusers from the begin; else your efforts may be squandered.

Get your CTA right. A press release is a piece of your promotional efforts. Guarantee your CTA is correct and unmistakably characterized.

Maintain a strategic distance from languages. Except if you’re sure the expression is broadly utilized and understood, don’t use languages. Keep your language basic and straightforward.

Try not to overstuff the press release with self-acclaim. Press releases are formal explanations, and expressions like “amazing,” “wonderful,” “terrific” or “game-changer” should be kept to the base.

For further reference, you can look at a post on Medium that centers specifically around press releases for games. Here’s another, increasingly broad reference, on HubSpot on the most proficient method to compose a press release.

4 Social media

There are somewhere around three different manners by which you can utilize social media to promote your casual mobile game using social media.

You can report the game from your company’s accounts. Ensure you eliminate it well. Start with teasers and steadily unfurl more subtleties. Adhere to the efforts reliably – don’t give it a chance to be a coincidental occasion. Additionally, you can likewise consider requesting that the team individuals share the news from their accounts.

Connect with influencers. Offer your game with them and inquire as to whether they’d like to review your game. Influencers have an extensive after and even a couple good reviews can enormously extend the scope of your game.

At last, consider paid promotions. Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter offer some great esteem for-cash choices. You get the chance to pick the target audience to whom your promotional material will be served.

5 Create a site and gathering for talks

Promoting a mobile game is a great deal of about creating buzz. So it bodes well to have a space that is devoted to develop, direct and further the buzz.

A site worked around the game can complete a great deal. Right off the bat, it allows your very own company site to stay separated and free from too much mess. Furthermore, the game’s website can continue following a lot of metrics specific to the game, as opposed to your company all in all. At long last, it meets efforts.

Next, you can consider building up a discourse gathering for the game. A discussion can give a solitary spot where gamers will impart their encounters to the game, gloat about their accomplishments, give useful bits of knowledge and conceivably report bugs. The thought is to construct the gathering like a city’s focal square!

6 Create a kick-ass trailer

Supercell’s Clash of Clans trailer is one great case of how you can pack action, enhancements, visual intrigue, humor everything, in a video that keeps running for under 2 minutes.

Clearly, there can’t be a basic equation to make a truly kick-ass trailer.  Below are the couple of things you’ll need to have in your trailer.

Recount to the story. Show what is your game about and for what reason it’d energize play your game.

Utilize the correct music. It’s plain as day: if the game is all action, grieving music necessarily won’t do.

Have a cliffhanger. Uncover a tad bit of something and let gamers play your game to discover more. What’s more, no, this can’t work for Candy Crush games.

Integrate a CTA. And keep Call To Action clear and simple to discover.